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The Greenest Olympic to date - Leave it up to Canada to figure that one out!

Written By merak dua on Thursday, January 7, 2010 | 8:41 AM

GO Canada GO!!! I am so proud of our Country for developing an Eco-friendly Olympic medal. Recycled from old computers and electronics a company in B.C collects the materials then breaks them down and separates the gold, silver and bronzes found in circuit boards, it is then shipped off to Germany to be refined into a metal. It's the ultimate in recycling - and it could be your electronic that is in one of the medals. Which makes it feel like every Canada played a part in making 2010's Olympic medals. So if you've ever recycled a computer in Canada, you may have a small claim to fame at this years Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Second to the green medals they are also the first to be undulating, not flat, and will be the heaviest in the Olympic history.

"They're based on two artworks of an orca whale and raven by Corrine Hunt, a B.C.-born artist.This is a fantastic use of old computers, which makes me think there must be an artist out there somewhere who could turn some of the many recycled computers into permanent art somewhere."

"The Vancouver Olympics made a smart choice in deciding to use precious metals from old electronics. By salvaging metal materials from old products, the Olympic committee is saving perfectly good gold, silver, and bronze from ending up in landfills. Because it makes no sense to mine for new gold when a single junked PC has more of the stuff in it than 17 tons of ore. And if the medals are promoted well, they could bring awareness to the cause of recycled scrap. With the entire world watching what happens at the Olympic games, there is no better venue to promote such an important--and easy-to-implement--solution to electronics recycling."

GO-Canada - GO!! This is an awesome step forward in the name of the green movement and I am so proud that Canadians thought of it first! Can't wait to see what the other countries come up with next!

Stay green my friends!
Until next time,
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