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2009's Quick Design Palate Overview!

Written By merak dua on Tuesday, February 24, 2009 | 2:01 PM

What does 2009 Design Palate look like? Well this year we are really starting to see simple colours, but colour is still there. What I mean is that you will find rooms that are very muted and simple with the same shades of colour, however there will be a small splash/accent colour that will add character to your space. The last few months of Style at Home magazine illustrates this design style. Showcasing rooms where there main colours are grey and white, and then small touches of soft blue is added to give it a bit of warmth. So this year you are not going to find a lot of colours put together like we did in the past, three to four at the most and out of those four will be in the same shade, the simpler the better. However, at the same time I am contradicting myself because there is a new movement arising when it comes to design. A 50's twist, were you will find old patterns with funny lively colours modernized, over scaled pieces and a play on mixing a ton of patterns in one space which will be mixed with old prints and antique furniture. Very fun and flirty. However if you want this look you have to be very committed to it and go over board to achieve it, but when done right it does look good! You will also see a lot of PURPLE this year, which is very fun and romantic, so play it up with some small accent pieces in a room to add the 2009 Design Style to your home!

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